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                  ​Egypt Urogynecology Clinic

     مركز مصر لجراحة ترميم وتجميل أعضاء المرأة

​     Gynecology - Urogynecology - Cosmetic & Reconstructive Gynecology

We are a premier medical clinic in metropolitan Cairo, Egypt - specialized in gynecology, urogynecology, cosmetic & reconstructive vaginal surgery. Our surgeons are highly trained, certified professionals, and integrate the skills of a gynecologists, urologist, and cosmetic surgeon; to offer you state of the art management of all female pelvic health disorders, including all surgical, and non surgical options of treatment, restoring your confidence, self esteem, and quality of life.

Our clinic is the first unit in the region dedicated exclusively to female pelvic health care, we excel in gynecology pelvic surgery, cosmetic & reconstructive vaginal surgery, and urinary incontinence treatment. For this reason we receive visitors from Egypt, Middle East, Africa, and Europe, as our prices are competitive worldwide and we focus on providing you with personalized medical care, designed to suit your individual health care and aesthetic needs; with a caring, confidential and trustworthy manner.

Egypt Urogynecology Clinic is a third generation practice with over 95 years of experience in female health care. Our practice is very conservative in nature assuring your comfort, privacy, and discretion. Patients are seen by appointment only, one at a time and on time, so you will have our full undivided attention. This has made us a unique medical facility offering women an exquisite medical service, with our commitment to the highest surgical and ethical standards within our profession, guaranteeing your satisfaction.

Medical tourism in Egypt

Egypt has been a tourist haven for many years, owing to its ancient monuments, Red sea resorts, and exotic aura. It is also one of the fastest emerging destinations in medical tourism, offering world class medical services equal to those offered in Europe and North America, combined with low prices. Egypt has become a very affordable medical destination, and the ideal place to combine medical treatment with an unforgettable cultural experience, a nile cruise, or a seaside vacation.  We welcome you in Egypt and look forward to your emails and enquiries.

"Improving the quality of life for women of all ages"

Amr Seifeldin, M.D

Tel: (+2) 0122-3675300

       (+2) 0100-5250230

Email: amr@urogyn-eg.com

                        مرحبا بكم في مركز مصر لجراحة  ترميم و تجميل ألمهبل و أعضاء  ألمرأة  و علاج السلس البولي  - د.عمرو سيف الدين                                                                    ​

  نقدم لحضراتكم أول مركز في مصر و الشرق الاوسط متخصص في جراحات المهبل ألترميمية  و التجميلية لتجديد الأعضاء  ألنسائية و علاج إضطرابات التبول النسائي، بواسطة نخبة من ألاطباء ألإستشاريين، متخصصين و مدربين في مصر و ألخارج علي كافة عمليات تجديد و تقويم و ترميم و تضييق و تجميل ألمهبل، و أعضاء حوض المرأة (ألتناسلية و ألبولية)، بالجراحة ألدقيقة أو الليزر، بهدف رفع جودة ألحياة للمرأة ألعصرية

    نستقبل عملائنا من جميع الدول، و نقدم أعلي مستوي من ألخدمة و الرعاية ألصحية، في جو من الثقة و ألإهتمام و في خصوصية تامة،  نرحب بأسئلتكم  و إستفسارتكم عبر ألهاتف أو ألبريد ألالكتوني 

       الكشف بميعاد سابق فقط                                                                                                                           
​       Consultation by appointment only:   Tel: (+2) 0122-3675300 - (+2) 0100-5250230    Email: amr@urogyn-eg.com


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