Gynecology               أمراض النساء

Gynecology exam:      الكسف السنوي للسيدات

- Pelvic exam (Vagina, Uterus, Cervix, Urethra, Rectum) 

​- PAP smear (Cervical cancer & HPV infection)

- Vaginal swab (Vaginal infection & STD tests)

​- Pelvic ultrasound

- Cervical & endometrial biopsy

- Pelvic pain & pelvic inflammatory disease check

- Breast scan (mammography)

​- Bone density assessment

- Hormonal assessment

- Blood lipid assessments

- Early detection & prevention (Cancer - Prolapse - Urinary incontinence)

Uterine & Vaginal prolapse: (Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery)     

Falling of pelvic organs due to week pelvic support:

- Uterine suspension: restores uterus to its normal position.

- Vaginal wall prolapse (cystocele / rectocele / vault): vagainal repair. 

                  ​Egypt Urogynecology Clinic

     مركز مصر لجراحة ترميم وتجميل أعضاء المرأة

​     Gynecology - Urogynecology - Cosmetic & Reconstructive Gynecology

Uterine tumors (Fibroids):              أورام الرحم

Most common benign tumors in females, they can grow and cause heavy menstruation, pelvic pain, urinary frequency, and can interfere with pregnancy and may need surgery:

- Myomectomy: Removal of tumors leaving uterus intact for future pregnancy.

- Hysterectomy: Removal of the uterus when pregnancy is no longer required.

Abnormal uterine bleeding:          

Heavy and painful uterine bleeding:  Treated by

- Dilatation & Curettage: scraps the lining of the uterus.

- Endometrial ablation: destroying by heat the uterine lining to stop bleeding.

Ovarian cysts:                                 

Cysts are fluid filled sac within the ovary

- Follicular cyst: single wall sac filled with clear fluid, usually disappears in 2 months.

- Endometriosis: migrating endometrial tissue gets transplanted and bleeds causing pain.

- Dermoid Cyst: contains skin, hair, teeth, bones.

- Ovarian tumors: may require oncology surgery.

Minimal Invasive Surgery: Endoscopies                                     

- Laparoscopy

- Hysteroscopy

- Cystoscopy

Minimal invasive procedures (diagnostic & surgical) can be done by endoscopies, to visualize pelvic organs by (laparoscopy), inside the uterus by (hysteroscopy) or inside the bladder by (cystoscopy).

Obstetrics:                    الولادة الطبيعية و القيصرية

- Ante Natal care & fetal monitoring

- Normal vaginal delivery & Caesarian section

Annual Gynecology Exam


Hormone Replacment Therapy :

- Bio-identicle hormones


- Pills - Intra Uterine devices - Vaginal ring

Vaginal infection & Sexual Transmitted Disease:        العدوي المهبلية

- Vaginal infection: (Candida - Trichomonas - Chlamydia -  Bacteria - Gonnorrhea) 

- Vaginal & vulva warts (HPV)

​- HIV - HPV - HS - Hepatitis B & C

Female Sexual Dysfunction:                                 

 - Desire dysfunction

 - Arousal dysfunction

 - Orgasmic dysfunction

Management :

- Sexual health education, counseling, and psychotherapy based on honest, confidential communication.

- Medical treatment, and hormonal supplements for cases of decreased libido and arousla problems.

- Vaginal reconsrtuctive surgery for congenital defects, trauma, accidents, circumcision, and birth injuries.

- Vaginal cosmetic surgery to enhance appearance, function, confidence, and self esteem

- G-shot to enhance sexual feeling - Botox injection for vaginismus (vaginal pain & spasm)

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Vaginal cysts:

- Bartholin Cysts & Gartners duct cyst

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